Dog Gone Dogs In Cars

August 25, 2019

In my service as a California toll collector, I daily encounter dogs in cars. it seems like every third cars or so there’s some pooch with his head out the window enjoying the ride. Actually these days you see dogs everywhere you go, in office buildings, stores, where ever we go, so goes our furry companions.

I remember my Jack Russell Petey (RIP), he would rush past me every time he heard my keys jingle, in a rush to the door to make sure he didn’t get left home. This became the norm because he had gotten use to riding and somehow felt entitled to being my co-pilot. He trained me to accept this position by chewing up my shoes whenever he was left at home. So Petey was a true rider. He kept me company on long rides. The only down side to having a furry co-pilot was watching any human passengers riding with me pick dog hair from their clothing or constantly brushing it off.

mommy car, minivan

As an auto detailer I encounter a lot of pet related emergency appointments when the pets have an occasional accidents and hair removal jobs, where people ride with their pets most of the time and then suddenly have to drive other people. Having had this experience years ago with Petey, I can definitely relate.
It all boils down to, we accept our dogs riding with us because we love them and besides cleaning up after them they make great riding buddies.
Here is the advice I give my clients who get pet hair removal jobs:

  1. Brush your pet before going on a ride to remove loose hair.
  2. Keep a rubber glove (like a Platex yellow household glove) in your glove compartment to wipe down seats and floors, use it frequently after rides.
  3. Use a damp microfiber towel wiping in one direction to remove pet hair.
  4. Invest in a Hammock style microfiber seat protector that traps pet hair. There are several different style of seat protectors on the market in different price ranges. But this style works well if your dog is well behaved enough to stay in that area. In some of my client’s cars it has drastically made a difference in controlling the hair’s reach. Here is a link to a pretty good one.
  5. And last but not least, when you get a hair buildup that’s more than you care to tackle or when your pooch has an untimely accident or just when your car starts to get that musty dog smell, book your appointment online with XLNC Auto Beauty.


January 25, 2018

In my 25 plus years providing professional detail services, the single most dreaded and rewarding car to do is the Mommy Car. I know you’re thinking, rewarding and dreaded what an oxymoron. But yes, dreaded because you know you got your work cut out for you, but rewarding because of the gratification you will receive from your customer (and the little passengers) when they see the results. Besides making a living this is an added reward for most detailers.

Mommies are constantly on the go. From taking the kids to school, shopping, running errands, after school activities, play dates, park runs and well you get it, just constantly busy. The car is a pivotal part of all the madness and often takes a beating.


mommy car, minivan

Ark runs and well you get it, just constantly busy. The car is a pivotal part of all the madness and often takes a beating.

I’ve seen everything in these cars from french fries to toys, diapers, old lost or forgotten bottles, home work assignments, back packs, clothes, combs, towels you name it. Not to mention the fingerprinted window and door panels, crackers grounded into the carpet, spills, pet hair, dripped lotion stains, and that last bite of a hamburger from 3 weeks ago.

It’s understandable that mommies have their hands full and the constant movement may be the reason the car is neglected. That’s why it’s essential that mommies devise a plan that changes the way you ride and set boundaries for your passengers.

Here are some tips to help you keep your Mommy Car in tact.

  1. Don’t eat in the car- I know when you have little one’s it’s easy to get in the habit of giving them a snack to keep them pacified while you drive. But, that’s just what it is, a habit that you’ve develop. If you just have to give them something make it a solid non-liquid food like a carrot. But the best rule is no food.
  2. Remove all items from the car when you get out- You may let your child bring some toy or something to keep them busy on the ride, and this is understandable, but these items should be removed at the end of every trip to not accumulate and become fixtures in your car. Items being transported should go in the trunk and also removed at the end of each trip.
  3. Keep a small bag in your car for trash. Discard this bag when at least once a day if possible.
  4. Have your kids discard any trash that you have while you’re filling up your gas, let this be their part of keeping up the car.
  5. Keep baby wipes and paper towels in your trunk- Clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent deep staining.

How To Get Your Best Value Out Of Professional Auto Detailing

March 19, 2018

I find that a majority of people who don’t seek professional auto detailing services are the ones that need it most. This may be due to the extra cost that could mount when the car is neglected.

The objective of Professional Auto Detailing is to keep your car in optimal condition, this protects your investment by keeping the value up. Just like regular routine maintenance from your mechanic such as oil changes, tire rotation, tune ups etc., these services are vital to maintain your car and prevent further more costly repairs. Once your car is caught up on services you spend less on routine services.

For new car owners or cars that are in good shape already, it’s easy for a detailer to keep it up. During routine detail services, by spot checking carpet and upholstery on interiors and by removing road tar, fallout, bird poop etc. on exteriors, these preventive measures could eliminate the need for more costly paint correction or deep cleaning shampoo services.

For cars that may have been neglected it’s still worth it to have services that will bring your investment up top par,then get on a routine service to keep you in good shape. It’s just not doing anything that keeps your car deteriorating.

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