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What to Expect on a Field Visit

Thank you for booking with XLNC Auto Beauty. And welcome to excellence.

We are thrilled to be of service to you and want you to have the best experience possible, so we always aim to put our best foot forward.

Here is what to expect from now until your car is sparking clean.

Your appointment time is within a 2-hour arrival window. Though we base our expected service times on an average time bases, we don’t adhere to a time restriction, so we never rush to finish your car.

You will receive a notification when we are on the way.

You will receive a notification upon arrival.

We may not know your area as well as you, so we ask that you keep in mind traffic and parking conditions at your appointment time. Make arrangements prior to our arrival if parking isn’t ample during your appointment. If this may be a problem you may consider scheduling your appointment at our facility located at 2744 E.11th. Street Oakland.

Please park where the tech can park next to or in front of you. (in front of you preferred.)

Our detail units are self-contained. We come fully prepared to serve you. We use gas powered generator and pressure washer. This may cause a little noise, (no more noise than an average lawn mower.) If this may be a problem for your neighbors, you may want to offer us to use your power to lessen the noise. Some of our clients let their neighbors know we are coming, then it’s expected.

Your tech will survey the car before starting, please point out, or let the tech know of any pain point and pet peeves during this time.

Deep cleaning is sometimes necessary to achieve the best results. Deep Cleaning is defined by XLNC as; circumstances that warrant a considerable amount of prep work to bring it up to par. For example if it usually takes 15 mins to vacuum, but due to embedded debris it has to be vigorously brushed before extraction and the same area takes 35 mins., this is deep cleaning. In short deep cleaning is the extra time and energy it takes to over the average to deliver expected results. Deep cleaning applies to interior and exterior. Deep cleaning is charged at a rate of $85 an hour and only charged for time in excess of normal service charges.

To avoid liability issues. We don’t remove bike racks, car seats, or any attached equipment from you car prior to service. If you want the space under such equipment to be tended to please prepare prior to our visit.

Please remove personal items before service. We do clean all cubbies and cupholders. We provide an XLNC cubby bag and fill it with items found in your car. These are generally handed to you or left on your front seat in clear view.

Prior to service our techs may take before/after pictures for promotional use, he may also take photos of scratches, or any pre-existing flaws to your car to document and share with you.. If you are opposed to this please let the tech know.