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What to Expect at the Shop

We offer drop off service at our facility as well as mobile service. To give our clients convenience for those who don’t want service at their home or office. While we encourage you to drop off your car and we notify you when done, we also have a nice lounge to hand out in while you wait for those services that don’t take too long the lounge has wifi and is a good working environment.

Here’s what to expect during your visit:

We are located at the Artthaus Studios, It’s a beautifully colored building. If you go by your GPS it will say pull into the gate. We are located at the rear of the parking lot at the Carport.

If your appointment is on the weekend (or afterhours) the gate will be closed, text or call your tech and they will let you in. Or call (510) 467-8404 and we’ll get the gate open for you.

Please remove personal items prior to your arrival. We clean your cupholders and cubbies and will put smaller items or anything found throughout your car in a cubby bag that will be given to you or left on your seat. If you have larger items place them in your trunk.

If you wait at the facility your tech will check you into the lobby as this is a secure facility. They will also show you to the lounge area and orientate you to the space.

We don’t detach any items affixed to your car for liability reasons. If you have Infant car seats, Bike racks, Phone holders etc.., please remove them if you want that area cleaned. If you don’t, we’ll clean around them.

We like to walk around the car with you. This is the perfect opportunity to point out your pain points and pet peeves so we can address any concerns or request. we may also point out any pre-existing conditions and make some suggestions when warranted. This is not just to up sale you but to attempt to offer you better service.

We have limited spaces available to us, so we book our appointments accordingly. We will notify you within 20 minutes of being done to allow you ample time to pick up your car. Usually, it’s not a problem if you arrive a little late but please be considerate of other clients and their appointment reservations.