Odor Elimination

We at XLNC Auto Beauty specialize in odor elimination. Whether it’s smoke, mildew, mold, food, body odor, marijuana, or the unknown funk. We have the solution. Ozone Treatment.

Ozone treatment are the number one known way to rid your car of odors by attacking and killing bacteria at it’s source. Not masking or hiding it, but eliminating it all together.

We use the leading cutting edge Ozone generators to emit Ozone turning you cars oxygen (02)  into Ozone (03) which kills, germs, bacteria, viruses and other microscopic residues, that cause odors. After treatment the car is aired out to allow air to turn back into oxygen and you’re left with a fresh odor free environment.

In addition to Ozone Treatment, we also offer Vent Steaming. This is recommended to prevent allergens to hide in your ventilations system for people who are allergy prone or just want to rest assured their air is clear.

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