XLNC Inner Beauty

We at XLNC realize that our customers spend a lot of time in their cars and on the go. That’s where the Inner Beauty Concept came from. Since you spend so much time on the road inside of your car we want you to be in a cozy neat environment. We take our time and attention to every crack and crevice. We pay attention to problem areas and use quality products and equipment to get you the best results. Our staff is trained on best practices to assure your car’s interior is optimal.


Carpet care is important to keep your cars’ interior fresh. A dirty carpet not only makes your interior appear and feel old and worn, but it also can make it smell old, worn, and anywhere from not so fresh to flat-out funky.

We know what it takes to achieve the ultimate results to restore and revitalize your carpets and mats. We use the highest quality professional-grade products and equipment. Our Technicians are specially trained to use cutting-edge technology to deliver positive results. We use environmentally safe products and minimalize the use of heavy chemicals. We use a good old fashion backbone and know-how to keep your carpets fresh.

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With over 30 years as a professional detailing service, XLNC Auto Beauty provides quality work to Oakland, San Fransisco, and Walnut Creek residents. Give us a call today to see how we can help your car to acheive aesthetic perfection!